Currency exchange rates

I just started with, and have a question about how the existing currency exchange rates work in a multi-currency setup. I’m going back to the first of the 2016 and inputting transactions where clients have invested in USD and converting to Ghana Cedi GHS. The system seems to convert automatically to show balances in GHS (Base currency) but the exchange rate is different that what was actual at the time the transaction happened.

e.g. $4,300 USD exchanged into $16,555.00 GHS (in March 2016) but the system shows the conversion at $13,113.75 difference of $3,441.25.

I looked at doing a journal entry to adjust the Foreign Currency Exchange Gain or Loss account to correct it, but using a Journal Entry this account does not show as an account I can post too.

Any one help me on this?

Go to settings, then exchange rates and then set the exchange rate for that date. Do not use Journal entries for exchange rates.

Thanks, for the help