Credit for a non-delivered cash item

We use Manager to look after a small model railway club accounts. We ordered and paid cash for an item of lit a couple of months ago, but the supplier has now said he can’t get the item and has refunded our cash in full. The item has already been shown as spent in our accounts and allocated to a particular category. If I receive the refund into a cash account that’s fine, but it still looks as though we have spent the money in that category. Is there a way to allocate the refund to that category so that it doesn’t inflate the category when we buy the item from a different supplier?

When you receive the refund, just use the same account / category that was used when you spent the money. This will in effort cancel out the expense in that account / category. The receive money doesn’t have to go to an income account / category

Much obliged, I had only tried to allocate to an income category.