Credit card for private use

Using my current account package i use my credit card for both business and private use, when used for private i allocate funds to drawings account and when used for business i allocate to whichever expence account is applicable.
Been doing this for many years.
Have searched the guides and looks like it suggests using expence claims, but not sure how that would work.
I operate as a sole trader.
Appreciate any help

Then keep doing it that way. You would use Expense Claims if you used private funds that were entirely separate from the business, but as your credit card is dual purpose and your current practise works for you - don’t try and fix what’s not broken

Thanks for the reply, my issue is Manager doesn’t seem to let you allocate funds directly to drawings if i go to spend money and use the credit card or am i missing something.

You will need to clarify this statement as I am not sure that I am understanding you.
Do you have the Credit Card separately set up as an account under Cash at Bank tab?
If yes, then when you Spend Money you should be able to make allocations directly to drawings.

If no, perhaps you could post screenshots of the transactions you are attempting

Yes i have a seperate bank account and credit card set up under the bank account tab,
When i use spend money i end up with the particular dollar amount in a suspence account under Equity.

OK, do you have a Drawings account, setup in the Equity section in the BS
If yes, then when you do the Spend Money - Account, select Drawing from the drop down.

Spend Money

If you don’t select an account during Spend Money then it will end up in suspence

Thank you,
Having a few issues coming from another program, can’t really get my head around why when using the credit card it debits the bank account straight. away.
Would think a seperate tab for credit payments would be better.
Once again many thanks

What are you doing for that to occur? Previously you mentioned that you had “separate bank account and credit card set up under the bank account tab”

Therefore the only time you should have credit card / bank account interaction is when you are making a payment from the bank account to the credit card, otherwise all transaction are processed via their respective bank/credit card account.

Perhaps you could provide an illustration of an occurance.

At the moment i am only using manager as a demo account, my plan is to learn the program well enough to start from
July 1st. So at the moment the bank balance is zero, if i make a credit card payment of say $50 my bank account shows a balance of minus $50 on the summary page.
Hope it makes sense

OK, The Cash at Bank tab on the summary page shows the balance of all the sub-accounts added together. If you click on that tab, your bank account and credit card accounts will show their individual balances.

If you now do a Bank Account - Receive Money for 150.00 then the Summary page would show a total of 100 (150 - 50)

Thank you Brucanna for all your help, all sorted and starting to get the hang of the program.