Combining & Consolidating Multiple Business Accounts

It would be good if the tracking codes could be retained and be used within each divisional unit

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Ok so no hope then, because I am looking to use manager in multiple locations independently without data connection, then make backup for the general accounting purpose. I would appreciate if anyone can help with some Excel spreadsheet that can handle consolidations at least base on the GL account report from manager.



This bacon work is very excellent so please hurry up

As explained in the previous post: Currently your best option in Manager is to create a new master business and then Journal the required balances of each individual business into the master business.

1 - Create a master business with an applicable chart of accounts.
2 - Via Journal Entry, post the BS and P&L balances of the other business into the master business.
3 - If required, use tracking codes with the P&L balances to create comparison reports.

Using a Manager master business would be better then reproducing the data in spreadsheets.

Thank you @Brucanna, i truly appreciate your response but i think i am having add time understanding exactly what to do but let me explain what i understood and please correct me where necessary. Thanks. From your explanation what i need to do is setup the GL accounts, and all banks and cash accounts and and Special accounts and control accounts just like i would for the normal businesses. then i will start posting data exported from each company data in to the consolidatory company but separating all entry using tracking codes that represents each company. my problem is what data exactly am i supposed to export from all business and import on the main business (is it sales invoice, customer, receipts and payment, journal entries and all others or am i just exporting Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss) if just profit and loss and Balance, How do i export accurately from all the branches and then import on main consolidatory business. Thank you once again for the help, i look forward to hearing from you.

Just export the trial balance of each business and reproduce it through journal entry in the main one.

Keep in mind that the master business shouldn’t use any module. Just create a plain chart of accounts and change it through journal entries, ie no inventory item, no bank/cash accounts and so on.

Otherwise it would take weeks to consolidate the numbers since you should reproduce the whole accounting of each business.


Another point to take into consideration is that some of the locations may have interactions with each other do they swop in inventory, sales and/or purchases?

If so, these might have to be untangled so that these transactions don’t get counted twice


Thank you all, i will try, except it going to be really difficult to have accurate report this way, and beside my company do a lot more than just P&L or Balance Sheet.
we require reports such as how many items were sold from all company? how many customer from all company within a given period and so on

Given what you have told us, @Previsam, you should consider whether Manager is an appropriate accounting package for you. It does not meet the needs of all businesses.

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Then generate those reports from within each company and combine in a spreadsheet.
Not many (if any) accounting software packages provide statistical data.

Thank You @lubos I really appreciate what you say and we are waiting this great feature!! I’m happy to hear the progress of this.

Thank you

@ejjaadiargo, you did not read post #19. He said he was not planning to implement this. So there is nothing to wait for and no progress.

no @Tut , I’m waiting for what he said in this quote that improve divisional accounting not about combining & consolidating multiple business account.