"Close" Receipts and Payments after Reconciliation

New user here… Tried searching but did not find an answer to the following… or maybe a best practice?

Is there a way to “Close” or de-emphasize receipts and payments that have been reconciled? Similar to the way Manager can “Close” an invoice after payment is received.

Ideally, when I click on the receipts or payments tabs, I’d like to see only the not-yet-reconciled transactions displayed. Maybe a button at the bottom to toggle between All / Unreconciled?

Or, maybe a column that shows reconciliation status…

Welcome to the forum @Velociter

Manager applies two safeguards against changing closed transactions:

  1. Lock date. See the following guide: Set lock date | Manager

  2. Fixed Total that works to lock in the amounts but keep everything else open to editing. See this guide: Record a receipt | Manager

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Thanks @Ealfardan The lock date feature will be useful…

My issue with wanting to hide or otherwise have a visual indication that a receipt or payment has been reconciled is more for ease of use… I can see where having hundreds or more transactions in a register over time could become confusing as to which transactions are already reconciled and which still need my action.

I’m coming from a Quickbooks environment where it’s obvious when you download transactions via bank feed that the newly downloaded transactions need to be recorded (added or matched)… In Manager I’m concerned about looking at the account register and not recognizing which transactions are not already cleared/matched/reconciled.

Hopefully this is just a new user concern and I’ll work out my worries over a few months of use.


I fully support this request.

The idea is we upload bank statement, and we match these transactions to whichever is already in the system. It will then tell us which (1) Unrecorded Transactions - transactions reflected in bank statement not yet in Manager, (2) Matched Transactions, (3) Recorded Transactions but not in the Bank statements.

I believe lock date only restricts you on editing the transaction or adding transaction while what we @Velociter is hoping is to be able to do the above.

I hope this could be considered.

Reconciliation occurs in two places already. Pending deposits and withdrawals are available in the Cash and Bank Accounts tab. Reconciliation reports are in the Bank Reconciliations tab.

Don’t expect Manager to duplicate other accounting programs.

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There’s no such concept of adding or matching within Manager. The reconciliation workflow is fundamentally different as all of the information about any particular Receipt/Payment are contained within the Receipt/Payment itself.

Furthermore, it you reconcile your bank once and set the clearing date for Receipts/Payments, any later variances will appear in the Bank Reconciliations tab.

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I realize you deal with basic questions more often than you’d like… Sorry to be that guy… I am reading the documentation (which is very good, BTW) before asking questions…

Also… comments in the forum make it clear that “bank feeds” is not a feature you plan to add, and why… I respect that decision and I am not looking for anything similar in Manager. Apologies if my QB reference seemed to suggest that’s what I wanted… Definitely not… I am, however, still trying to learn the new workflow…

And… So far… I am still working on getting comfortable that when I open the Receipts or Payments tabs, that I’ll see a full register of transactions… cleared and uncleared… without any indication of which are which… Not a checkmark… not a cleared column… not any other visual indicator other than the word “suspense” if an account is not yet assigned.

Will this be a problem “for me”?.. If nobody else is complaining, I’m sure I’ll adjust after a while… The first line of my OP here was open to a best practice or my just not getting my head around the new workflow yet.

Regarding “Pending Deposits and Withdrawals”… I went looking for this and found that I did not have those columns turned on… Thanks. That was a big help. The documentation is really quite good… But there’s a lot of it! :wink:

I’m working on getting comfortable with this…Thanks.

Let’s be clear once a bank statement is released all information is cleared. Manager does so and so do many other accounting packages. The argument here seems to be about how do you identify transactions that may be outside of this. Simply Manager would draw errors on the bank reconciliation that you can then fix to make it all fine.

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I agree improving bank import matching would be a valuable enhancement to Manager
Both to

@Tut has advised you where to find pending transactions (i.e. uncleared transactions). All other transactions are presumed to be cleared.

In the bank accounts tab you can drill-down on the pending transaction amount to see individual pending transactions for that bank account.

In the Bank reconciliation tab click the view button next to a bank reconciliation to see a report for that reconciliation which lists the pending transactions if there is any

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