Charts? | Line chart, pie chart, etc

Hey guys,

I LOVE the product! I use it every day and I can’t live without it. I’m using it to track my personal life, investments, etc. Keep up the good work team.

I was wondering if charting is on the roadmap, it would be so helpful to see my data in a chart form. Now I’m exporting the data and manually filling in a Excel sheet and then generating the charts that I want.

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Charts would be an amazing add-on for Manager imo

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Adding charting capabilities to Manger would add bloat to the software. The compact size of the software is exactly why many users choose it in the first place. No matter how many charting features might be added, someone will want more or different ones. That is why you can copy data to spreadsheets, where charting capabilities are advanced. The developer focuses on accounting features, not displays.


I agree that there is no need for any graphical representation. I prefer the way it looks with far more important information at a glance than any group of graphics could do. Furthermore, the absence of Graphics makes it very fast also in cloud and server versions for users with poor internet connections. So please do not turn this into the common bloatware that exists where there are numerous functions of which most only use less than 10% (take Microsoft, Adobe, etc products, what do we really use?). If anything as of late the feature requests seem to increase and this will add to more complexity and potential bugs. I do agree that to a certain extend (as with custom fields) that users can modify and add certain functions.

That’s exactly why I am stressing so much on this topic:


I think that Manager should get the API working 100% and enable users to link up Manager data with any program that you want to create charts or do any other sort of data manipulation. I see no value in having graphic charts within the program as they would be of necessity too limited to be useful.

The only chart that I want to see is as follows recommended by Lubos:


So… just because “every other software has it” would justify to add any graphics in summary view. I was so happy to notice that Manager did not follow such “eye-candy” approach but simply put the most important finacial statements straight in your face to directly work on, ie Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account. Maybe some want to impress their boss but when you are the boss you want effciency, this is what I think is strong about Manager and its USP.

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Thanks for the replies guys.

Don’t get me wrong, manager is amazing! No eye candy, just numbers and information.
I do agree with you guys that charts could make manager a bit bloated and charts are most of the times fixed. Building the flexibility to create custom charts can get very complex + it’s a niceto have feature.

But it would be nice to have a API so I can pull data and manipulate and create my own charts automatically.

That’s not only about charts. Having a working connection can give space to better custom reports also combining different businesses or businesses to external databases.