Changing VAT Rate from a specific date

Our VAT rate has gone up by 1% as of 01/04/2018, how do I change the VAT rate for all new documentation…

Add the new tax code and use it. Do not modify any transaction entered with the old one unless there was an error. Archive the old one.

Hi Tut, where do I change the rate from 14% to 15%, the tax code does not cater for rate …

Thanks Tut, but where on the system do I change the rate from 14% to 15%, because the tax code section doesn’t seem to cater for rate changes…

if you are trying to edit the rate of an in-built tax code, that would not be possible.
you can create or edit only custom tax codes.

if you have an official link where it states the change in tax rate, you can provide the link here and the developer would change it for you in the program as an update.

Thanks SDT, sorted, added new tax code, archived old, etc, all up and running…Help greatly appreciated…Kevin

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How do i change my vat rate from 14 % to 15%

read the guide on tax codes.

I am in South Africa and vat has changed from 14% to 15% .How do i change this

15% tax code for South Africa was added to Manager in February.
please update your Manager version.

How do I update my Manager version? I’m running the Desktop version.

download and install. overwrite without uninstalling.