Cash flow statement

the cash flow is bugged, it takes all my expenses as Adjustments to reconcile net profit (loss) to net cash from operating activities. how to fix that?
the net profit/loss is right, however it takes all my income and make it the other side(If credit to debit and debit to credit) that the cash flow in the end is 0.
How to fix that? I use desktop version.

@vasa_feda, your post is difficult to understand. Please illustrate with screen shots.

Thanks for the quick replay, there u go:
Please ignore the language, the net profit is right, the accounts that in Parenthesis - are income and the regular are expenses.
the net increase in cash held is suppose to be higher because there are some recievables that should be taken as adjustements to the net profit.

@vasa_feda, I think you may misunderstand the indirect method for preparation of cash flow statements. I won’t get into a long lecture here on fundamental accounting statements. But I did write a lengthy post a couple years ago (Cash flow report with Prepaid expenses & a Debit Note - #2 by Tut) addressing some of the issues. It won’t apply directly to your situation, but illustrates the kinds of things you need to think about when examining a cash flow statement.

The most notable point is that figures referencing various accounts on the cash flow statement when using the indirect method are not account balances. The critical part of the post linked above is:

As that post continues:

Any further comments would require seeing an English language version of your statement. Additionally, you would need to explain why you think there are errors. For example, your report lists a net change in your cash position as zero. Is that right or wrong? If wrong, how is it wrong? And I am not sure you showed the entire statement, because certain headings are missing.

As I concluded later in the linked thread:

Thanks again for the replay.
I’m indeed familiar with the cash flow statment rules about the asstets subtract if increase and etc.
the net change in cash 0 - isn’t true. the net profit is right but the adjustemnts that mentioned there - should be 0.
also the liability account increase - doesn’t shows here as add amount as an adjustment.
in the end it should be profit of 8k, the adjustmenent the increase of liabilities that I had in the period.
I think something wrong in my cash flow settings of something like that(when I put it on direct- it makes it everything 0).

No one can troubleshoot a cash flow statement without access to your complete records. What I can say is that your latest post still gives the impression you do not understand indirect method statements.

I can tell you that all my experience shows Manager’s cash flow statements are correct. And no one else complains of errors. Some users wish for different formats and more flexibility in assigning transactions to different sections of the report. But they are not saying the report is wrong.

I strongly suspect either misunderstanding or errors in entering underlying transactions.

Please explain what you think should be fixed. I think that the behaviour you describe is correct.