Cash Accounts and loan accounts

I have a bank account, a business credit card and a business line of credit for our home based business. I would like to be able to import QIF files into them all. However, the bank account is in credit, therefore an asset whereas the credit card and line of credit are always in debit, therefore are liabilities. If I set the credit card and line of credit up as Cash Accounts, so that I can import data, they all get summed on the Balance Sheet as a debit amount i.e. negative Asset (the line of credit balance and credit card balances always sum to more than the bank account credit balance). Is there any other way to deal with the credit card and line of credit accounts.
I am using the desktop version - am quite willing to pay for the server version if this issue can be resolved with that version.

Edition makes no difference. All work the same. The answer to your situation is to assign the credit card and line of credit to a custom control account designated as a liability account. See the second option in the Guide:

Read the other articles linked to in that Guide, as well. In the future, always check the Guides for answers; you might save yourself a post on the forum. There is a big effort underway to make them better.