Capital premium

I am starting with a new business and I am total newbie with accouting.

I would like to divide Equity into “Issued capital” and “Share premium”. To do so I did set up Capital Account (I’m the only owner) and I am trying to enter a journal entry as seen in screenshot:

But how do I divide “Capital accounts” into parts?

The “Initial Balance sheet” should be (I hope I’m correct here :))
Accounts receivable (99680)
Bank accounts (320)

  • Issued capital (24999)
  • Share premium (75001)

Is it possible? Is that the way to do it?

With Capital Accounts you have two options, either use the Capital Accounts tab so the Issued (24999) & the Premium (75001) accounts are sub-accounts or have those accounts individually listed under Equity as you have listed above.

Capital Accounts tab
Set up as displayed in your Journal, (Capital Accounts - Viadimir) but first go to Setting - Capital Subaccounts and create Issued Capital and Share Premium. These will then become available where rahalised toetused is displayed above

Don’t activate the Capital Accounts tab. Go to Settings - Chart of Accounts and create Balance Sheet Equity accounts called Issued Capital & Share Premium

I did it using Capital Accounts tab, but sub-accounts do not show up in the (initial) balance sheet report (only total capital accounts). Should I enable something else?

The purpose of the Capital Accounts tab is to group the various sub-accounts.

If you want to see the individual accounts on the Balance Sheet as illustrated above then follow the “Equity” comments above - deactivate Capital Accounts and use Chart of Accounts instead.