Cannot see the Theme icon in Settings

I am using the desktop version of Manager. In the documentation it says that you can amend the theme of your Invoices by going into Settings and clicking on the Theme Icon. I cannot see this. Is this a Cloud feature only?

Custom themes are now under obsolete features while @Lubos is working on a new way to customize.

Thanks for the speedy reply. Something to look forward to by @Lubos

@Maxie11355 Still you can find it in Settings>Obsolete Features

But keep in mind as @eko said, it is obsolete feature now

Thanks Shan, so it will work, but its not supported probably, that’s why @eko mentioned that @lubos is working on something new that will take its place.

At this stage as a new user I would not recommend to use any obsolete feature and wait for the developer @Lubos to implement the new alternatives. Be prepared that this may take quite some time as we are waiting already quite long for the alternative to custom themes.

Thanks for the suggestion @eko. It makes sense. For now an excel will do the trick until implementation of the new alternative is done. I was just going to investigate to have a rough idea what needs to be done, what language is used etc. I read in the documents that the theme was written in Liquid, and wondering if it will be the same used for the new alternative.

No, Liquid won’t be used anymore. Read the posts that resulted from searching for new custom themes by lubos (Manager’s developer):

Please search the forum, you could have found Themes moved under "Obsolete Features" - #33 by lubos