can we use it on android

greetings manager team, we are an operation delivery company , we would like to use your system , there for can we use it on android ?

If you subscribe to the Cloud version, then any device with internet access and a browser can access it

Although not sure what you mean by “use it on android”

Manager doesn’t have an “Android OS app” but you can access Manager with any device that has a browser on cloud and server editions.

You can sign up for the cloud edition (go to and access the app with a web-browser on your tablet computers or phones. You can also deploy Manager on your company server (go to ) and access it with a device with a browser.

@Joe91 has answered you already :slight_smile:

thank you for the fast response ,c an I connect the cloud version with the dick top version ? and if yes how ?

I don’t understand what you mean by “connect the cloud version to the desktop” but you can easily transfer your company from the desktop to other editions. Please read this guide