Bootstrap in invoice template

I am trying to use bootstrap in my invoice layout and ran into a few issues.

To use bootstrap I first just included the last version of bootstrap (using With this I ran into the problem that my invoice preview shifted t the right of the screen cutting off half of it. Hence not usable.

Then I though to use the bootstrap version which Manager is using itself (I guessed it could be a reason for the weird behaviour). To achieve this I included “css/bootstrap.css” which surprisingly worked.

The invoice appeared in the correct position; but then again some things were looking weird because of the fact that it is an older version of bootstrap.

TLDR: Managers’ bootstrap conflicts with my own bootstrap. Can I get them to play along nicely somehow?

I could upgrade to 3.3.2 but that’s not really a solution. Sooner or later your template would be broken.

The question is, why do you want to use Bootstrap for something as simple as invoice? I would use plain HTML/CSS and table-based layout.

I’d like to use bootstrap because I am really bad with CSS and it just looks pretty good with very little effort :slight_smile: