Booking parts/Items out internally

What would be the best way to book items out internally ?
For example if I have a vehicle that I am going to sell but that vehicle needs parts that I have in stock.
Currently I enter the vehicle as an inventory item when purchased, (not sure if this is the correct way)
It would be nice to book the parts out to that vehicle so I remember what was used and help work out the profit.

Should I use Tracking codes and Inventory write-off?
Are there any other ways to achieve this?

If every vehicle you have is unique (e.g. you never have more than one), then I think more appropriate would be to create these vehicles under Fixed Assets.

If you use inventory parts to fix the vehicle, then you could do Inventory write-off of inventory items you have used up and put it against the fixed asset (vehicle). The problem is, you can’t currently select fixed asset when doing inventory write-off but I think I can add this ability.

Thanks for your help.
I have entered vehicles (motorcycles) into inventory so that when I sell the motorcycle I can give the customer/new owner the sales invoice with details of warranty in the notes section. This has worked well for several bike sales.

How would I sell the bike if it was under assets in a separate account?

I did consider just creating a sales account called Bike sales and expense account called bike purchases but settled for inventory items as it was made for it.

Do you create new inventory item for each bike you purchase? I really think Fixed Assets module is the way to go.

When you sell bike, you would select Fixed Assets account rather than Sales of inventory items

Yes, every new bike is a new inventory item. I use the registration number as the SKU then enter cost and sales price & description.
I will try entering a bike in fixed assets then try booking out/selling in in my dummy business.

I have several fixed assets already though which I have a schedule to depreciate them, this will probably clutter up my reports won’t it?

Hi Lubos.

I have just tried your method but when I click on account on the sales invoice only income and expenses are available to choose from the drop down menu.