Book/close/record old customers/suppliers from past year

Dear all,

I’m switching towards, but can’t find the solution to book/close (paid/bought) all bank transactions from the past year. Meaning I got clients/customers that have paid me in 2019, but that were (sales)invoices from 2018. Where should I book/close/record them? They aren’t in; the so called ‘debtors/creditors old financial year’.

Now while importing my bank statements, I got a mismatch of funds. How to rectify this? I’ve added my start balance and everything, so the amount is right, but it deducts the current (2019) invoices -meaning show already paid and overpaid. That is incorrect.


Your post is not quite clear. But it seems you are trying to record receipts against sales invoices issued before you started using Manager. For information about setting up those invoices, see this Guide:

It is not clear whether your question about imported bank statements relates to these same invoices, but it sounds like it might. If it does, correctly entering the pre-start-date invoices should resolve the problem. If it does not, you will need to provide much more information. Bank statement reconciliation is almost impossible to diagnose remotely, because the program can show you so many different things, depending on the situation.

@Tut; I’m not sure I follow.

  1. I’ve switched to > Wonderful
  2. From the old financial year (2018) I received payments to my bank account in the financial year 2019.
  3. During the import of my bank statement, I have been paid a lot, while these come from the debtors from the financial year 2018.
  4. How do I book the old debtors of 2018?

With the link you send me, do I have to enter the old debtors somewhere there? I don’t understand this.

The question is:

  1. Where do I book the paid invoices from 2018?

I hope this clarifies it,

Yes. You must create them as customers. Then you must enter their pre-start-date unpaid invoices. All this is explained in the Guide I linked to.

When you import your bank statement, you can then allocate receipts to the old invoices.

Invoices that were already paid before using Manager do not need to be entered. The process of setting starting balances effectively begins your records under Manager at the point where your old accounting system stopped.