BAS sheet errors - Billable Expenses

Hi all.
My bookkeeper brought something to my attention today and I’m wondering if anyone else is having trouble with the BAS report.

I have a negative figure in the G3 Other GST-free sales. The business doesn’t make any gst free sales so this figure should be zero. When I drill down into this figure all the transactions relate to billable expenses I’d paid for which didn’t include GST (supplier wasn’t gst registered).

We also noticed that when we drill down in the G1 total sales (including gst) the transactions under GST includes payment / negative transactions which also relate to billable expenses.

Below is a screenshot of the issue to give a better indication of the where the negative figure is.

Would be interested to hear any thoughts on how to rectify this issue.

Edited to add:
We’re using the cloud version [].

Can you show screenshot of one of these billable expenses so I can see how they’ve been entered? Obviously Manager should know they are purchases, not sale refunds.

this is an individual payment that was listed in the transaction list above.

@mbooth you are advised to strictly follow the guides at Record billable expenses | Manager

You will notice that you must select a customer and keep the invoice field as uninvoiced. You did the opposite and kept the customer field unselected and selected an invoice.

@eko The customer was selected. I removed the reference before posting the screenshot for privacy reasons. My understanding is that I wouldn’t have been able to select an invoice without a customer selected.

The reason the invoice is selected is because in this case the billable expense has been invoiced.

I didn’t try to reproduce the issue yet but it might be a bug. Basically billable expense looks like a sale refund on tax reports rather than purchase. It wouldn’t affect tax liability though.

@lubos no it doesn’t appear to affect tax liability however it does affect what total sales and total expenses figures are reported to the ATO if you’re relying in the BAS report to do this.

My bookkeeper picked up the issue and is now reviewing all the figures to create a manual report so our reporting to the ATO is accurate. Last thing I want it to be audited due to a bug in the program. Unfortunately this is a lot of extra work that wouldn’t be required if billable expenses were reflecting correctly in the reports.

Can you please look at fixing this bug for future BAS reporting?

OK but none of that work is required to do. Simply don’t do anything until this is resolved.

@lubos. No worries. Do you think this will be fixed in the next few weeks? as I need to report BAS by end of November.

This is simple issue. I will be looking at it tomorrow.

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@lubos. That would be amazing. I really appreciate you looking into resolving it.

Check the latest version (22.10.22). Should be fixed now.

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