Bank repayment, and Font problem

1- How to make repayment to the bank in the system Ex. we have loan from the bank 10,000$ with interest rate 1% per month and the installment for 12 months. the question is How to make transaction?
2- We are in Cambodia we have key-in the Khmer unicode into the system but when we export to Microsoft Word there are no any Khmer later, so how to do?

  1. If you have set up the loan as a BS Liability account, you would Spend Money from the bank account making the repayments, with the instalment going to that liability account and the interest going to the P&L expense account.

  2. Can’t assist you here.

what is BS and what is P&L

BS = Balance Sheet
P&L = Profit & Loss

This Guide might help understand the different types of accounts:

Are you aware of the Noto fonts? See this link: Khmer is included. Manager uses the Noto fonts to generate its PDF forms and reports. What are you exporting that you need to put into Word?