Automatic Calculation of freight-in fees


As I understand, the Freight-in line item cost is divided by the quantity of the same purchase invoice inventory items. However, I’m facing an issue with one of the invoices (Kindly check screenshots below).
There are different items with different quantities, the issue is that the cost is not divided equally between those items. For example, there are 12 items in this invoice, but the freight-in cost is allocated differently for F-007 and F-006 items.
What am I doing wrong?

The freight-in costs are allocated proportionally according to the costs of the goods. So, an item that costs more will retain a larger part of the total freight-in cost. This seems to be working properly in your example.

Items F-006 cost 162.10.
Items F-007 cost 441.35, which is 2.72 times the cost of F-006.

After freight-in costs have been allocated:
Items F-006 cost 197.60.
Items F-007 cost 538, which is still 2.72 times the cost of F-006.

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Thank you very much for your quick response. What if I want to allocate the cost on the total quantity regardless of the cost of the items? is this doable in manager?

Yes, it is. See the section on manual allocation in the guide:


Thank You :slight_smile:

Does that mean you need to keyin 100 freight-in cost when there are 100 different items in the purchase invoice?

Did you read the Guide?

Hi, thanks for reply. i did, but it only shows example of 1 item in the document.

So, when there are 10 items in the document, i should be doing freight-in for each item (that would be 10 freight-in total in the document). Am i correct? or is there another way to get it done faster? Just clarifying. Tqvm.

You apparently did not read the entire Guide.

I hope i didn’t disappoint you in some way…
Obviously I’m looking for help here after reading and hoping to find some better ways to do this (if any).

There is a section in the Guide on automatic allocation to multiple items. It includes an illustrated example.