Automatic backups script for Windows

The path where Manager stores data in not visible anywhere in server edition. The reason is, some people perceive it as a “security risk” even though it’s not but who am I to argue this.

Anyway, if you need to know where Manager Server stores data, go to /path which will display full path to the folder. For example, if you run your server on http://localhost:8080, then go to http://localhost:8080/path


is the above path visible to Administrator alone or to all users?

can always tested with extra computer. Curious of how the data disappear(saved at different location) though. Do nssm using inactive ‘Administrator’ windows account? most probably in there.

When I’m using runas.exe as administrator to execute synthing it got weird result than normal execute run as administrator step.

The weird part, the application ran on different port and the gui shows I ran it for the first time lol.

Yes the Server works at http://localhost:8080. But did not find the path at http://localhost:8080/path.

i am not using the server version so i cannot check it.
are you on the latest version? all answers provided on the forum will be wrt latest version.
so if you have not updated Manager, please update and check again.

It should be the latest, I downloaded it a week ago.

@mohd.irfan.qhd upgrade to the latest, this was added less than a week ago.

Thank you very much. Found the *.manager files at http://localhost:8080/path after upgrading to the latest version.

I followed sharpdrivetek’s procedure for Automatic Backups. I created the Batch file, it works well and does the job when we run the batch file. The Backup folders are created (with Time Stamp) in the folder containing the Batch file.

But when I try it with Task Scheduler, the Backup folders are created in “C:\Windows\System32” (instead of the folder containing the Batch file).

I don’t understand the reason. Can any one guide me to reach a solution.

Finally found the solution.

I had to put the Backup folder (or Batch file folder) location in "Start in (optional) " option (Task properties → Action tab → Edit).

Thank you very much for all information provided.


By default task scheduler will open this location. You can change the folder location up to you.

Hi sharpdrivetek, as from your scipt information win 10-64 bit possible autobackup for multiple buisness

how to solve this issue please explain me

sharpdrivetek thank you for the idea. it works well. :+1:

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