Australia BAS - Quarterly GST v Monthly PAYG

Hi all. Virgin post :grinning:
Just switched from Quickbooks 1st July. QB could format the BAS to calculate PAYG monthly & GST quarterly (so July would only calculate PAYG & ignore GST.)
I’ve created a BAS report in Manager for 1-31 July which calculates both GST & PAYG.
Do I just ignore the GST figures for the July & August BAS?
When i submit the BAS @ 30th September do I run two BAS reports (one to calculate GST for the quarter & one to calculate PAYG for September??

Your solution for the different reporting periods for GST and PAYG withholding is workable. Alternatively, you can use the Business Activity Statement only for the GST and use the Payslip Summary only for the PAYG withholding.

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