Asset Code - purchase

I create a new asset, I need to purchase it using a purchase invoice, but the Asset code does not appear on the purchase invoice, any advice

Enter it in the description.

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I do it , but the asset cost still zero

Have you read this Guide: Purchase fixed assets | Manager?

i do every thing , but still not shown the cost


Under account, choose the main category of your fixed asset >> specific fixed asset

i.e. Office Equipment >> Fuji Xerox B9100

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When you have a business expense you have to decide if you want to

  • claim it as a business expense it that year. If so on the invoice select a profit & loss expense account

  • or capitalise the cost. If so on the invoice select a balance sheet account such as: Fixed assets → the asset account you have created.


  • the fixed asset control account can be customised if so it would be accessed via your custom control account.

  • For “cash purchases” an identical thing can be done with a “Payment” as the above “Purchase invoice” example.

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