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I want help from someone who is fluent in Arabic

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لو سمحت عاوز اعرف طريقة سهلة اعرف بيها اذا سبق بغت زبون صنف بسعر مخفض وعاد يريد يشتري نفس الصنف كيف يمكنني اعرف سعر الصنف في الفاتورة السابقة بسرعة

English only on the forum, please, @alimajzoub. Arabic in private messages is fine.

please try this report


it might be possible to generate a report by customs report

@alimajzoub, the easiest way to find out what a customer previously paid for an item is to look at the sales invoice on which you sold it. If you do not know the invoice number, search the Sales Invoices tab for the customer’s name. Or go to the Customers tab and click on the blue number under Invoices. Then start looking at individual sales invoices. If you know the date of the sales invoice, you can also search by date.

A third way is to go to the Inventory Items tab, drill down for the item under the Qty on hand or Qty owned column and look or search for the customer’s name. Then view the invoice.

However you approach the problem, you will need to look at the actual invoice to see the price you charged. Custom reports would take much longer to construct than any of these methods.

السلام عليكم
كيف يمكنني ان ارجع المبلغ للزبون في حال عمل إشعار دائن الملاحظ أنه بعد عمل إشعار دائن لايوجد سند صرف له

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