Api Documentation

Is there documentation or examples on how to use the API?

I am trying to test the API with Postman doing a Post to Billable Time. I was expecting some validation errors if I do a post with no Values in the body but I am getting

“Index and length must refer to a location within the string.\r\nParameter name: length”

No matter what I pass in. I am using Basic Auth and the Get request works.

there is no documentation.
but there have been many discussions on the forum and other users have provided inputs that maybe useful. please search the forum.

I may be able to help.

With Postman I have only set up GET requests, but I’ve successfully run a few hundred POST requests with PHP for a live application… to both Cloud and Server Edition (same API).

Can you show us what you have entered into Postman so far? (masking any confidential data, of course)

Given my time constraints, I am just doing it manually for now. But my goal is to import billable time from an excel spreadsheet.

I will update if and when this gets to be priority again.


So, it sounds like you are logging your time in a project management tool, or some other application. And then you want to transfer that data to Manager, in order to bill the customer.

Billable Time isn’t one of the modules that I’ve directly interacted with via the API, but it should work the same as the rest. I’ll test it as soon as I get a chance, just to confirm that there aren’t any Manager bugs at play here.