Amortization Calculation Worksheet does not use book value

Unlike the Depreciation Calculation Worksheet, the new Amortization Calculation Worksheet uses the acquisition cost rather than book value of an asset as the calculation base for current-period amortization. While this might be appropriate for straight-line amortization, it does not match the declining balance method used on the Depreciation Calculation Worksheet.

Of course, there is no indication on the worksheet of what method is being used (just like the Depreciation Calculation Worksheet).

Is this a new worksheet on its way?

Already present, just not announced yet.

Great, but I don’t see it on the list of reports using Desktop Windows 19.10.36

Do you have any intangible assets?

No. Does it only work for intangibles? Pity :sleepy:

Yes, it appears when that tab is enabled.

Fixed in the latest version (19.10.39)

Any chance of an option to select Acquisition Cost or Book Value either for whole report or, to give more flexibility, asset by asset?

This bug is still present in version 19.10.40. (I bypassed v19.10.39.)

Intangible Assets tab shows the following after automatically applying 10% amortization during 2018. Note book value of 9,450.00:

Amortization Calculation Worksheet shows original acquisition cost of 10,500 as book value:

I see what I did wrong. Fixed in the latest version (19.11.14)