Align logo to the right

Please help, would like to adjust the company logo to align nicely to the right. How do I go about? The logo sits well on the custom invoice template, but won’t align properly on all other docs.

As I told you in response to your other question, you can only customize the sales invoice. However, on all those documents where your logo appears, the default position is aligned to the right. Can you post a screen shot of something you think is not aligned?

Any difference you see between standard documents and a custom template may be due to unnecessary margin around the graphic element of your logo. Depending on how your custom template was coded, any margin present may have been offset by adjusting the position of the logo. Since you can’t do that on documents other than sales invoices, that margin will displace the logo to the left. The way around this is to capture and use a version of your logo with no empty space around it.