Advance Salaries

Any one please guide me about advance to employees. how we can booked in Manager Software. for Example. if employee has 50000 salary. he received loan from company against his salary lets suppose 60000 and he committed to pay 5000 each month as salary deduction against his loan.

First month he gets:

Salary 50000

Loan 60000

Toal 110000

next month Salary:

Salary 50000

Loan Deduction 5000

Net Paid 45000

and please do some work on reporting of Summary of Salary slips. it shows only payable amount, deductions and contributions but it does not show payment to employee. we can easily get detail report of salaries payable, contributions, Deductions but can’t receive any report of employees paid amount.

Is this post of any use? Employee Loan "workaround"

Search the forum. This topic has been covered many times.