Add quantity on hand

I add a new book to inventory items. Quantity on hand shows zero. How can I change that?

Have you read the guides on inventory management? click here and scroll down

They explain all you need to know about managing inventory in Manager

Sorry Joe91, I coudn’t find anything on how to add my quantity on hand. Can you help, please!

What do you mean by “add my quantity on hand”?

If you mean, enter the starting values of your inventory, this is explained here Set starting balances for inventory items

If you mean stock you have purchased, this is explained here

You can also used Goods Received Note to record inventory reception but this has consequences for future management of the inventory so be sure to read the guides and to understand what that will entail

Wê printed 1000 copies of a new book. I add it to “Inventory Items” , but under the heading “Quantity on hand” it shows zero. How can I change this to 1000?

Can you explain your business some more - are you a book shop, so that the 1,000 copies have been purchased from a publisher or printer ? In this case you use a purchase invoice

Are you a printer in which case you have produced the book using your presses, paper and ink? in this case you use a production order

All of this is explained in the guides I posted links to earlier

Thanks a lot Joe91, after studying the guides again I found the solution under “production orders”.