Add Investment Tab in Left Menu

Please add investment tab, is tab to add capital investment to Manager. I think this menu is same with the Cash Bank module, i guess is not to hard to add it. And the report of the investment is an Asset Group.

You have not given any specifics, but investments of capital to the company should almost certainly be handled via the Capital Accounts tab. See all Guides at this link:

Deat @Tut, sorry maybe i have forgot that. I mean to add Investment like deposits and Insurance polish that we take interest profit from it. And about capital Account i mean that to add a man who have capital account in an company. Sorry for my bad English… thanks before

Manager refers to investors who have capital accounts in the company as “members.” You set them up as described at this link: Guides | Manager.

An interest-bearing deposit can be set up as a bank account. When you receive interest, use the Receive Money button and allocate the interest income to an account you create under you Chart of Accounts as an income account for that purpose.

Dear @Tut,
Yes i know about it, but i guess is very helpful if we have different tab to add Investment. Before i add investment account in Bank Account, if i have lot of investment it will looked very much account in there. So i hope Manager can another tab to accommodate it.

I do not believe you should worry about how the listings look. If you have a lot of accounts, you have a lot of accounts. Some companies need many categories of expenses, while others use only a few. Some have many types of income, while others have only one source. Some companies have a single owner. Others have hundreds of partners with their own capital accounts. Manager is flexible to handle all those situations.

The different tabs are meant to enable new functional capabilities, not sort and organize inputs.

@Tut, yes i know about that. In latest release of Manager, now we have an Intangible Assets is just another member to Fixed Assets. And that account is to add if we have Intangible Assets, i just hope that Manager can do something same with Investment Tab that just another member from Current Assets same with Cash and Bank to summary that we have Investment in Bank or in an other Company.

I believe Ahmad is requiring separate module as Investment. This includes investment in Shares, Deposits, etc. Mainly helpful for the investment business.

This will help to reduce the line items in Balance sheet which should be presentable in one page report.

Yes @Rajesh_Shah that what i mean. its very helpful if manager can bring the menu.