Add few things on journal

I needed to add blank fields for signature in journal. I am attempting to get closer to the attached document which we are using.

Do I have to create a separate template for it or can it be done with custom field. I tried with custom field but I am not getting any result when field is left blank and the fields also come vertically.

Read these Guides:

You need both.

By design, blank fields are not shown.

Thanks for the reply really helped.

I would suggest you to add in the Default information of your custom field with these characters, “____________”

That way it look like a lines for your client to sign and it bypass the issue of “By design, blank fields are not shown.”

@Ocean, the method for adding signature blocks is covered in an example in the first Guide linked to above.

@Ocean Thank you for the suggestion.
@Tut. Yes it is there and have followed the steps in guide and it really has helped.