Add ability to inject javascript into pages

Not at this point but I will implement the capability so you can inject javascript into screens. This would allow you to add 3rd-party chat apps into Manager.

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comment system when can we expect?

I’ve moved this topic into ideas under different title. It’s not that difficult to implement, maybe even this month.

Thanks for implementing comment system

But can we also have any approximate time for chat application inside manager.

Ability to have chat application inside Manager will be implemented much sooner than comment system. That’s because from my point of view, to facilitate chat application inside Manager (if that’s what you want) is just a matter to give ability to inject javascript to all screens.

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Thank you,

Advanced chat app features in case if its easy to implement:

  • admin user can select any other user from any business and start the chat

  • Restricted users can only chat within their business team/users.

  • Share files, photos, send reports/ any transaction report from manager to chat box (these file data can be saved somewhere on server but it should not disturb manager business file size.

  • when we click backup button on business level, it should not download chat history

  • chat history can be saved manually by selecting email chat history

Just sharing these ideas
Just basic chat application and comment system will also do the basic work :smiley:

Isn’t this a little like asking Zuckerberg to add accounting features to Facebook?

Have a look at Mattermost - the “team” version is free.

I’ve implemented it at several customer locations over the past couple of years, but it’s interesting to note that all of those customers have ceased using it as they’ve found it to be more of a hindrance to productivity than an aid.

For the same reason you don’t sit staff members side-by-side if you want them to do any work, you really shouldn’t encourage constant chatter back-and-forth using any technology - you’ll find employees will simply be distracted into talking about their weekend instead of doing their work.

Still, it’s rather admirable that @lubos has decided to implement a script support framework, so anyone who feels so inclined can add whatever additional functionality they require.

In my case i find it useful because i gave access to accountant, manager, production manager.
These 3 employees in different departments so i dont think they will use this manager chat box to talk about their personal stuff and this chat can be monitored by Admin.

If they decided to waste time they can use so many other chat apps like whatsapp etc.

so i dont think this chat app will not be a problem.:smile:

I think there are a lot of other features that need to be supported, like, linking cash transactions to a customer/supplier.

Priority needs to be taken to improvements that are most useful to users. This I would say is not one.


@itmoto, speaking about priority, I’ll endorse your comment that induction of chat feature is definitely not a useful feature generally.

And, there are still lot of useful feature that many users are expecting to be added like inventory location in a journal voucher. In an accounting software, I don’t understand why & how chatting feature can be helpful. And, why would @lubos prioritise it over other waiting useful features.

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I don’t think he’s prioritising it; rather, he’s seen a quick/easy way to facilitate the feature, so has decided to throw it in for the hell of it.

Note the wording of @lubos’s post though - he’s going to allow the injection of JS into pages, not actually provide a chat system; it’ll be up to whoever wants a chat system to write it themselves.

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Comment System preferable over the chat system, is add on.

@Cognicom, thanks. On the sideline, I would still like to draw attention of @lubos to the very useful & important feature of inventory location in journal voucher for which we, many users, are long waiting. I don’t understand why this feature still not prioritised in the face of so many user’s repeated request.

May be @lubos will comment on it.

@sonicgroup, please don’t divert topics with unrelated comments.

@Tut, I didn’t divert the topic, I did say on the sideline, it was just a reminder. Further, it’s not a unrelated comments, it’s about prioritization - which feature should be prioritised?

And, you please don’t undermine the importance of the topic relating to inventory location in journal voucher by brushing it aside. We many users are long waiting for the feature.

The point, @sonicgroup, is that your comments will get little or no attention because they were made under an unrelated subject.

Is there any update to the possibility to inject javascript to pages?


The reason it hasn’t been added is that I got scared that I will regret this. What would you use this for?

Just for this small personalisation: Site Title before Tagline - #2 by lubos

Agreed, because that would be a security nightmare unless you go out of your way to create some kind of a sandboxed environment in the backend.