Accumulated Depreciation Journal entry

There is an account under Assets for accumulated depreciation however when I try and do a journal entry this account does not appear in my drop down list ? How can I resolve this ?

You need to read the guide on entering depreciation Depreciate fixed assets

Click on “Accumulated Depreciation”


Then enter amount and description


I think there is no JE for Accumulated Depreciation. It’s very inconvenience when trying to manually dispose off of small assets.

This is what i did, not perfect but serve the purpose.

  1. Create a chart of account under Fixed Asset, name it as FA-Accumulated Depreciation (disposal) and link to special account
  2. Create fixed assets grouping in Special Account

You are ignoring the built-in process for disposing of fixed assets. See Your process will not properly remove disposed assets from your books, but will only move their accumulated depreciation around on your balance sheet.

That’s correct. I believe because multiple things need to occur when an asset is disposed.
To do none standard changes see