Accounts Payables not reflecting in correct Chart of Accounts Category

When running Cash Summary I have large amount in Outflows>Accounts Payable

These Amounts are being transferred to Utilities Account when Invoice is paid

However Figure is not represented in Cash Summary Report under Outflows>Utilities, but rather against Outflows>Accounts Payable.

I understand that the Cash technically was used against the Invoice, but the money actually flowed out of the Utilities Area.

Is this something I am doing incorrectly?

No, you are doing nothing incorrectly. You are only expecting the report to show something it is not designed to show. The Cash Summary shows the account from which or into which money moves, not its ultimate allocation. The allocation to Utilities occurred when you entered the purchase invoice, and that transaction shows up on the Profit and Loss Statement. But no cash moved until you payed off the purchase invoice, allocating the cash movement to Accounts payable.