Account statement for specified customer for specified period

While having hand on Manager, I liked the way “summary” can be categorised as per dates using “Customize” button.

I wish the same functionality should be there for account statements of cash accounts, bank accounts and Invoices i.e. we should be able to get the statement for certain period for certain customer, mentioning “Issue date”, “Id”, “Customer”, “Description”, “Invoice Total”, “Balance Due” and ''status". At the end of the statement of Invoices there should be individual grand totals of “Invoice total” and “balance due”. So that user should be able to overview “Total Overdue” and “Total of invoices” at the end of certain period.

My second wish is that there should be provision to take printout of this statement. No need to print Edit and View Buttons.

I tried to illustrate it through the image below.

Please think about this. As printed statements can be very useful.

Manager is already able to do that.

See: Guides | Manager