Account Code in Version 21.9.11 and up


After upgraded to version 21.9.11, I have issues in account code
For new accounts added, the account code is shown in the account name.

Therefore, when creating a report, even though I’ve unchecked the “Show account codes”, the report still showing the account code for those newly added accounts.

Does anyone have the same issues? I’ve upgraded to version 21.9.15 but still have the same issues. Any advice? Thank you

I can duplicate this and have moved the topic to bugs.

@Marini, it is worth noting that the Cash Flow Statement report you used to illustrate the problem does not include the ability to show or hide account codes. However, the problem exists for other reports that do, such as the Balance Sheet.

Thank you for the reply and moved to bugs’ topic
hopefully it’ll get fixed sometimes soon

Noted, will check the Balance Sheet

Should be fixed in the latest version (21.9.16)

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Updated to the latest version and it’s fixed. Thank you!