About default accounts created by tab

Hello, I have some questions regarding the default accounts created by tab. I had enabled the cash accounts tab, supplier, customer and fixed assets as I need the A/P and A/R module, however, the default account created in Chart of accounts is only for the general A/P, A/R or cash and cash equivalent.

I read in the guide that the A/P and A/R account cannot be created manually in the Charts of Accounts, or use with caution.So I am asking for suggestion, is there anyway to edit the control account as group so I could see the balance of each customer and my bank account balance?
Or is it better to just create new account and not use the default A/P module?

I understand that you can use the customer and supplier list and see the balance, however I want it to show in the report
Bank- Bank account XXXX
Checking account XXXX

A/R - Supplier A
Supplier B

Thanks for the help, completely newbie here

To show the different cash accounts on the balance sheet read this release

For the other accounts read this release

While you can do what you ask, it would be very unusual accounting practice to show every customer and supplier on the balance sheet. Remember that once accounts have been used, they cannot be deleted in Manager, because it is a perpetual system. So your balance sheet would be ever-growing. And every time you gained a new customer or bought something from a new supplier, you would have to modify your chart of accounts. Likewise, if you move your bank account to a new bank, the old account would remain.

In this case, deselect the Cash Account from being pointed to the Custom Control account so it defaults back to the standard Cash & Equivalents and then mark it as inactive - then you can delete or rename the COA control account.

Thanks for the fast reply:)