Writing away info

I want to know how is data written “away” so it does not keep on appearing. All that after the bank is reconciled. If I do a batch update and batch delete, the data are gone and nothing balancing. I am really stupid with this in this instance.
They keep up popping up when I add new ones, and that is confusing.

You need to explain your question in more detail. What keeps popping up? Where does it pop up? When you add new what? What does a bank reconciliation have to do with batch update or batch delete? What does not balance?

Illustrate your situation with screen shots.

In general, nothing is changed in the database until you click either Create (for new transactions) or Update for existing ones.

After you have done a bank reconciliation, you do not remove the data (so it does not keep on appearing) that made up that reconciliation as that data is still required to maintain the balance.

That is exactly correct, deleting the data will affect the balance.
The balance is maintained by adding up the list of data. The balance is not a separately stored record, so if you remove a piece of data, the balance will change.