Write off assets using schedule


I have the following user story for automatically writing off investments over time:

As a business owner, I want to be able to:

  1. add an investment, such as a laptop, and define the initial investment in money;
  2. define the years in which this investment will be written off, e.g., 5 years;
  3. define the remaining amount after this investment, e.g., 500 (or define the % of writing off over time, for other jurisdictions);
  4. define the frequency of writing off this asset, e.g., on monthly or yearly basis, either at the beginning or end of the month, or at a specific day of the month / month of the year.

So that:

Manager automatically and correctly writes off investments over time, taking into consideration the parameters above, such that I do not have to administrate this manually on a monthly or yearly basis.

For example:

Adding a laptop of cost 1000, that will be written off over 5 years with no remaining value, the program would automatically generate this schedule (in this case, for brevity, on a yearly basis) and book the transactions when the booking date is met:

|Date|Writing off amount|Remaining value|
|December 31, 2023|200|1000|
|December 31, 2024|200|800|
|December 31, 2025|200|600|
|December 31, 2026|200|400|
|December 31, 2027|200|200|

In this case, every 31 december, the transaction is administrated automatically.

Also, it would be nice to cancel this automatic write off schedule by either cancelling it, or otherwise writing off the asset in its entirety (e.g., when a laptop falls on the ground and cannot be used anymore)

This can not be done at the moment

Again, @john123, search the forum. I am closing this topic.