Write off an unpaid sales invoice (with Sales Tax) as Bad debt

you got it @Tut. On the side Note is better to use Quotation approach to ask for payment/deposits before issuing an invoice or receipt, meaning go for cash. Set some credit limit policy before deciding to issue an invoice.

The taxmen won’t care about collecting debt from your trading partner or customer. I do remember suggesting having separate books that affects the financial report, and the recording quotation before entered as transaction happens to mitigate vat or gst accruals problem although the idea seems drowned and forgotten along the way.

we got you @Tut , this is very much the details that for many of us will be useful :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

Hi guys, hope you can help me.
So, my company has uncolledted receivable for more than a year now. 995 plus 69.65 gst. The boss instructed to write off and re issue invoice . No item is returned. What is the best way to approach including gst issues?

Read the Guide about writing off bad debts.