Withholding taxes on purchase invoices

Dear @lubos,

we find out that there is a bug in Witholding taxes on purchase invoices. The account “Withholding tax payable” is not movable inside the chart of accounts and we cannot change its name.

That is not a bug. It is the current design of the program.

Sorry if I insist but the fact that you cannot move the account inside the CoA cannot be considered a design feature but it’s a bug since you cannot comply to local laws that oblige to put it in a specific position of the liabilities. Also it’s the only account that cannot be edited and moved.

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Sorry, but bugs involve the program not working as designed. You may not like the current design, but that reflects a country-specific situation, not a malfunction of the software.

There are other situations and practices around the world for which Manager is also not optimized. Those are not bugs either.

I give up as usual since it is a useless discuss. I hope that @lubos will solve this bug soon.

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As you see, he has designated it as an idea, not a bug.

Dear @lubos. Any update about this issue? I have a Cosa which is not compliant to Italian law…

Resolved in the latest version (22.3.5)

Solved. Thanks