Windows 10 compatibility

Hi , the other day after a power spike we lost our computer. so having to renew the computer I have been informed that Manager may not be compatable with Microsoft 10, so I don’t know what to do.
secondly wondering how to retrieve data once the new program is downloaded
cheers james

Assuming you mean Windows 10, Manager is compatible. As for recovering your data, hopefully you have been keeping frequent backups on another drive or cloud locations. If so, just add the backup as a business. See this Guide: Backup, restore, import, and transfer businesses | Manager.

If your only copy of your data file was on the computer you lost, take the computer or drive to a specialist to see if they can salvage the data from the disk. Just because the computer is fried doesn’t mean the drive is ruined.

This reinforces the need for separate backup of all data. And for high-quality surge protection.

Manager is compatible with Windows 10.
I am using the same on Windows 10 x64.

Manager is compatible with Windows 10. The problem are other programs which are not compatible and are conflicting with Manager. But this is relatively rare issue. Especially on clean Windows 10 installation which has nothing that would conflict with Manager.

Thanks all, will have to seek some extra assistance with the new set up then.
All it does is in the top left corner with the bubbles in a circular motion like its thinking
and will do nothing else.

Stop trying to use your damaged computer.
Take out the hard disk of your damaged computer and attach it to another computer like an external harddisk. Then you can copy your data to the working computer. You will need a cable to use it like an external disk, and the type of cable will depend on what type of harddisk you have.
Or get help from a specialist. You do have a change that all your important data can be retrieved.
But stop using the damaged computer!