Why can't I have decimals in Production Order?

So we are a retail store selling gold jewelry. We buy Scrap gold and then use that to make other jewelry.

I have an inventory item named SCRAPGOLD which I use to buy the scrap gold. Then I have an Inventory Item named CUSTOMJEWELRY.

When I go to Production Order, I select CUSTOMJEWELRY item say it will be 10.45 grams when finished. I then choose in Bill of Material SCRAPGOLD item 10.45 grams to use it in the customer jewerly.

Manager IO rounds those QTY numbers to Integers. How can I have decimals?

Change the unit of weight to centigrams or milligrams?

It is already in Grams when I made the item in the Inventory. It says ‘g’ which stands for grams. It will still round it up to Integer in production order.

I meant if you stored the gold in milligrams then you wouldn’t need decimals as 10.45 g would be 10450 mg so the decimal rounding would not occur

Why do you think this happens? Can you illustrate with screen shots? Here is a production order with fractional units on both ends of the transaction:


The quantities are not rounded on the finished transaction:

And stock levels reflect fractional amounts: