Why Batch Create structure is changed?

Why Batch Create structure is changed?

I set some Excel program to import JL to MIO, but now it’s updated and i cannot import as usual.

Can i change to the old way to batch import?

The simple answer is No because the program is developing and improving daily. You can easily modify your Excel spreadsheet based on Batch Update and Batch Create.

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Normally i got this data set from my program, is there any way i can set in excel automate create a batch create layout?

Before i use an array filled in a cell and it’s work but now seems a bit headache for me.

If it is some way out will be a great help

Not that I am aware of. Sorry.

I did so for the transaction interface I needed. It is custom code in Excel VBA and is not a trivial endeavor.

:sob::sob::sob:I wanna cry

  • Enter representative data

  • then do a batch update and save the spreadsheet

  • now do a batch create. The format is almost identical (except the key field), so use the batch update as a reference