Who will I see the bank statement of any bank in manager like the bank statement


who will I see the bank statement of any bank in manager like the bank statement that i received from the bank to compare the entries.


You don’t see a statement like the bank’s. That describes transactions from their perspective. You can view registers of Statement Balance, Uncleared Deposits, and Uncleared Payments by clicking the blue numbers under those headings in the Bank Accounts tab. Those describe transactions from yours. Read the Guides beginning at,


@arslan may be expecting manager to show bank details having a column for cheque numbers or instrument numbers and also showing transactions under Debit and Credit columns. I am waiting for the adding of custom fields which have “show us custom field as column” to spend money and receive money page then i can enter cheque numbers. Debit and Credit columns are good but i prefer the current display style.

You can use the search function to isolate a period of transactions, print them out and do a manual bank reconciliation with it.

Below is what i do during bank reconciliation.

  1. You must first open the account and search for all transactions for the period e.g type 11/2015 in the search box to display every transaction in November 2015 captured.

  2. Now right click anywhere on the page and go to print preview.

  3. Now use the tools on the toolbar (Shrink to fit, Landscape, portrait etc) to adjust the statement on the paper for printing.

I am hoping that the view button by the bank account that displays the last 10 transaction in that bank account will be developed to allow the display of all transactions in a particular period together with their account/contact , reference number and maybe a custom field (eg Cheque No.). That would be a better statement.

We have to understand that bank statement in electronic format usable by accounting applications is not common in developing countries (mine comes in PDF). so we can’t do Bank Reconciliation with We therefore need a neat print out for this important task. @lubos please look into this for us in the future.


I support @Abeiku’s suggestions about improvements to the accounts displays and the recent transactions view.

I will note that when using a date format in MM/DD/YYYY style, the search routine he points out will not work. There has been a mention previously about future improvements to the search function that would eliminate this problem.