Who want manager to release phone app

Hello Manager i.o user i think its a time now @managerio to give us an Android & Apple APP .:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Yes, it’s weird how this forum has a mobile app and the main application itself hasn’t!

I think a minimalist mobile app that reflows forms vertically, increases button target area and better accommodate touch keyboards would be perfect.


I think everyone is underestimating the effort required to get a mobile app up and running.

If you are a cloud or server user then you can access Manager from your smartphone using your browser.

Running the app on a mobile is a completely different ballgame


It may very well be a milestone. However the customers can always request this from the developers. having an app would be change the game completely

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Yeah true that

You should request to have this put in the ideas section and maybe like get a vote on this … I’m totally with you on this one

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@lubos must see this request :point_up:

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I personally would not use a phone app. The main Manager is available from the web which works fine for my use, in case I need to work on the phone…
Maintaining a phone app would just distract the author from developing the main program… So my vote would be against this idea, sorry…


@Leifur - I wish I could give your post 1,000 likes - absolutely spot-on.
Personally, I wouldn’t go anywhere near a mobile app for this sort of work and wouldn’t touch it with the proverbial barge-pole if one existed.


i go onto manager from chrome on my phone, i created a shortcut from the login screen, to my phone homescreen, and now that shortcut actually works perfectly, exactly like an app. And the whole screen fits to my cellphone screen, which i like, because some web pages does not fit your cellphone screens. I have the internet version. The desktop version you must use something like zoom, or teamviewer or skype, to share your computer screen with your phone.


Okay Thanks, @Leifur for your opinion

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Thanks, very much @Petrie_Fuls

A PWA could be fairly easy to launch and maintain. I like the idea of having a mobile app for Manager io!


I can definitely understand your POV, and i assume you have a personal business with less them 5 employees…? When the business needs expands so will your need to deploy an App version, increasing mobility and productivity of your employees.
We have 10 members working with us now and they are physically separated in a 300 Meter radius. An app on a very low cost android tablet would be gold in any such cases including ours.

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I would never use a phone app for accounting data. Too many security issues in using mobile devices for sensitive data and possible exposure of logins and passwords.


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I wanted to vote NO for mobile app. This serves no purpose when you can access everything via the web and it only wastes the developer time.

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This is the correct answer. Why are people not understanding that everyone everywhere in the world already has mobile access to the app via browser?

This is an accounting solution not a video game.

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I also concur that a mobile app is a waste of time. I would suspect that 95% or more of the users would never use it, secondly as Manager is cloud based, a browser is all that you need to access Manager. Last valuable time would be wasted developing an maintaining a mobile app instead of focusing on improving the actual program.

Maybe I am just not much of a mobile phone user, but I have never understood this fascination of having everything on your phone. it is so much easier to do everything on a pc or laptop or if on site, use an ipad that connects to the Internet to do whatever is required.


Petrie is correct about zoom for desktop version.

But, if you can figure out how to use accounting software, you are clever enough to figure out how to download the cloud version and install it on your own network or on a cloud host like Linode.com or something. Ultimately, just buy the cloud option from Manager, they look like they are hosted on Amazon and you can have your data hosted in a region acceptable for your local legal requirements.

It’s not hard, you just have to give your self enough time to not rush things.

Yup. This is accounting. No one is jogging and doing bank reconciliation on their phone.