Where has my invoice template gone?

I entered a wrong bank account number into my invoice template over a year ago. Now I need to change the number but I can no longer find the template in which I input the wrong information.

Where do I find the bank details or invoice template these days?


Can you show screenshot of what options you see under Settings tab?

Under Settings => Business Details. The Business Identifier field will take multiple lines and accept HTML. View templates have been replaced by themes. It sounds like your software needs to be updated.

Hi Lubos
Sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you. Been very busy. Here is the screen shot. I am using the desktop version for now.

Do your bank details show on your current invoices at all? If not, just enter your bank details to “Notes” field on invoice itself or create a custom field for that purpose.

Hi Lubos,

I have added the IBAN number to my business details.

It works fine now.

Thanks for your help!