Where do I put it?

At 72, starting this program. NO knowledge of accounting. When an item, I’ve order, comes, where do I put the shipping and handling charges they charged?

Also the item is a book, and no place for that except printing, and it will be for resale?

Can anyone help?

I suggest you start with guides at Guides | Manager or have a look at this Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPK8DK8z1xdwEWPseJiX9tg/videos

From what you said, it’s not possible to tell the solution. When you purchased item, did you purchase it on credit or did you pay cash. And if you paid cash, was it out of your personal funds on behalf of the business or did you use business funds (cash on hand or cash at bank)?

Anyway, have a look at guides or videos first. It should get you started beyond basics.