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hi I’m using manager io just… I’m having problem what to issue my customer after delivery of item. the main point is my customer will return me a invoice or bill for the unit price product.

my company is agriculture business and so call farmer, we supply fresh vege to wet market, but the way that in my country doing which is my customer in the wet market will provide me the price of the vege in the market. is more like a trade selling. I have been giving my customer delivery order all this while. I’m a bit lost here thinking am I doing the write things. anyone here have any suggest pls help… thanks a lot…

Your situation is not unusual, newspaper publishers are the same as farmers. They deliver newspapers to the newsagents but they don’t know their sales until the newsagent has returned the unsold ones. You don’t know your sales until the merchant tells you via his “invoice”.

In the accounting world this is known as a “Recipient Created Invoice” - the person receiving the goods to sell creates the Invoice on your behalf when they know what the sales are.

In your case, by delivery order do you mean a delivery note via the Manager Delivery Note tab or something separate. I wouldn’t be using the Manager Delivery Note tab as that is associated with Inventory and we aren’t dealing with Inventory here.

As an alternate, you could use the Manager Sales Quote tab which allows you to change the heading to what ever you like - Consignment Note or Wet Market Products etc.

After your Customer has given you their “Recipient Created Invoice”, you don’t have to give them anything back or in exchange - their invoice is in effect your invoice, but created by them.

Just enter it into Manger as if it were your own.

One small change, @carmen_ho:

Actually, that is only possible with a sales quote, not a sales order. But the idea will still work just fine. Neither a sales order nor a sales quote actually affects anything financially. They only set up a structure with line items.

So you could name the sales quote “Wet Market Product Delivery.” List every type of vegetable you send and indicate quantities without unit prices. When your customer sends back the “recipient-created invoice,” use Copy to... to create a sales invoice from the sales quote (which you renamed as Wet Market Product Delivery). Before clicking Create to generate the sales invoice, adjust the quantities to match what was actually sold and enter the unit prices that were obtained at the market.

This process gives you two things:

  1. Records in the Sales Quotes tab of all the deliveries made to your customer at the market.

  2. Sales invoices to record actual sales.

To follow the above process, add your products as Non Inventory Items (under Setting) so that they are selectable from the Items dropdown menu.

To make the process still easier, remember you do not need to generate each new Wet Market Product Delivery note from scratch. You can clone one from yesterday’s note, or last week’s, or last year’s. Pick one that is closest to the selection of vegetables you are sending on any given day. Then use the non-inventory items @Brucanna mentioned to add anything extra. Or delete a line if you are not sending that vegetable today.

You will be able to create a note in just a minute or two.

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