What custom reports have you created?

I’m curious as to how others have used custom reports to gain any advantage. I’ve dabbled in it but have not been able to create a report of any significance.

I have no report in mind that I want to create, I’m just curious as to what others have put together. A screen capture of the custom report generation and its output would be a nice bonus, but notwithstanding please just give some examples on what you’ve created. It may even give others ideas or the impetus to go forth and create new custom reports of their own.

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Search the forum. There have been several such examples already posted.

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We need a separate category for Custom reports and custom localisations.
I am sure this is in the *Ideas category . Then you would not have to read them if you did not want to

I was not complaining about reading posts on this subject. I was calling attention to the fact that there are already some topics on the forum that might be interesting.

Oh no Tut I was not suggesting that you were sorry if I gave that impression. I was just saying you as a reader of the forum any reader. Sorry wrong pick of the word you

I was looking to have a thread that would result in having a catalog of ideas in one place. A custom reports category would be perfect, actually some guides on the subject with peoples examples would be even better.

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We have a monthly bank deposit listing commission earned from all of our clients. It is a single receipt with almost 1,000 lines. The description is the name of our client and the tracking code links it to their sales rep.

I built a custom report that lists commission by sales rep that we use to pay out commission to our reps. I also created a custom report that tracks profitability by client. Since these are not setup as Customers and we don’t invoice them directly, I was curious where we stand with certain customers after we provide free equipment or supplies.

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I created several specific report on inventory kits that I use as a database of the specific apartments we are selling and a specific report with the margin from sales of each specific transactions (revenues from sales minus cogs).

I Changed the NZ GST localisation report to put the import GST in the right place and the purchases that are GST free in the right place.
I also changed the Australian PAYG payment summary localisation report to suit New Zealand .