Viewing avg cost of a Item while invoicing with a Ctl + key

Hi, Good Day to All
It would be a great feature if we can optionally see the average cost of an item while invoicing at the invoicing tab itself.
Of course, there are other consideration which will have to be addressed when implementing this, but those can be discussed if this can be accepted
This will be useful to give a price adjustment or a discount for so many reasons such as
Sell out outdated items
Give a good rebate for a customer who is buying in big qty
To counter with an Adhoc competitor etc

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You can open a second Manager window and do this already.


Certainly seems like a good quality of life improvement.

There’s good, easy workarounds in the meantime though as Tut mentioned above :slight_smile: If you need something that works now, definitely do that as there’s no guarantee this will ever happen.

I have worked in an application where when we invoice we highlight the product and hit (ctrl+i )
The whole list of details of that product can be seen and the next click it goes off…
Since I like Manager much. I put forward what is in experience. They may or may not consider.