View/Edit Account on Bank Account Page

Clicking on a bank account shows a paginated list of transactions - it’d be useful to see which account each line was set to (“Chart of Accounts” account, not bank account), and possibly edit it too. I spend some time going through a newly imported bank statement and “coding” each line to the appropriate account.

This takes quite a few clicks, and when you get back to the bank account page, you have to find your place again. Not good for hundreds of transactions. A dropdown per transaction (arguably more useful than “Source” in certain cases).

Better yet - use regular expressions (or even just string matching) to match incoming descriptions to accounts so I don’t have to code each line at all grin

PS: Manager is amazing - I’ve tried so many different packages, and they’re either missing functionality or really expensive. Go you!

I agree with you on all points (well… except for regular expressions - for regular users, I guess plain string matching will do)

Later this month, I’m going to spend huge chunk of time on doing nothing but polishing existing features. There is a lot to do and most of the issues you have raised will be addressed during this polishing phase.

That’s fair - could confuse more than help. (Although having both would be awesome)

You’ve got the whole proprietary code thing going on, but if there’s any way I can contribute, I’d love to get involved. Thanks for the prompt response.